Bonus Episode 5: The Best In The Country

DCOMedy Podcast published on

I know you all were expecting a normal episode today, but we had some scheduling issues. So instead, we decided to go fishing for charm bracelets in our local river to catch a bonus episode for you all! We finally cover the film fans voted for in our poll, even if we have a lot of trouble actually staying on topic while we talk about it.

Emma loses the location and loves spooky boys. Luke forgets his own age and hates the word straddle.

Talking Points: A Germany Joint, Nobody Finished This Movie, Disney Channel Period Pieces, Power Rangers Crushes, Charm Bracelets, A Chappaquiddick Situation, Babies Named Zack, Computer-girl, A Pointless Jurassic Park Detour, Over-Confident Parenting, J. Crew Dad, A Pointless Casper Detour, Throwing Shade at Dan Aykroyd, Canadian Tuxedos, Creepy Janitors, Butt Shots, Dress Destruction, Weather Report Hi-jinks, Balloon Payments, Heaven is Real, Crazy Sound Design, Old Man Potter Energy, BANK HEIST, Deed Hunting, Nonsensical Police Corruption, Surprising Gun Use, Nothing Feels Solved, The Stupidest Ending

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