Episode 1: 'Cuz Nineties

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Right out of the gate, the Nineties become an EXTREME factor with our first classic, Smart House. Wherein a family gets to live in a physically impossible home of the future but continually forgets just how smart the house is! They mainly just order smoothies, throw parties, and discuss the deep emotional trauma that can only come from the death of a loved one......Radical!!!

Emma avoids jailtime and discusses feminism. Luke is gender normative and laughs at his own jokes. 

Talking Points: DCOM News, Katey Sagal Kills It, Computerboy, Tuna Noodle, Old Fashioned Bullying, Scientist Attractions, Literally Impossible Technology, Judgy AI, RAT BUTLER, Pure 90's Fun, House Puns, The Pinnacle of 8th Grade Romance, Robo-Sexual Relationships, and Mom Tornadoes

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