Episode 12: DB Stands For "Dark Backstory"

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This is what Summer is all about: food, friends, a little healthy competition, and of course defying the gender norms we as a a society have created. Well maybe not always that last one, but here is Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off with all of these elements and more. Come along as we follow a young man's passion to cook with way too many montages and discover a character's dark and traumatic past.

Luke bungles an intro and wants to be in a food fight. Emma doesn't care about baseball and cries hysterically. Dyllan brings his expertise to the table.

Talking Points: Raven’s Theme, Froot Loop Chicken, Phoned-In Villains, The Home Ec Teacher Rules, BRIDGET DOES NOTHING WRONG, Everybody Was Kung-Food Fighting, So Many Double Plays, Bully Cheerleaders, Flay Enters, The Ending Is The Best Part, Bobby Flay Does Nothing, Keep Those Taglines Coming, and An Exciting Anniversary Announcement

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