Episode 13 The Cult of Protozoa

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This month, we both look to the past and to the future as we celebrate our first anniversary and review the rightfully popular Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Join us as we learn some future languages, explore the wonderful world of 2049 (which looks a lot like Earth in the 1990's with a few floating things and outfits leftover from Tomorrowland), and meet a man who is truly more an icon than a human.

Luke messes up slang and had to record a segment in post. Emma recognizes a bad bitch and connects with a character on a spiritual level.

Talking Points: Anniversary Head to Head, History with Z, Future Speak, Space Station Lilapsophobia, Smoking Weed In Space, There Are NO CAMERAS?, Getting Grounded, Aunt Judy, A Nice House-Ass, Independence Day, Loud Typing = Hacker, Horse Seduction, Mandatory Veganism, Multiple Hackers, A Realistic DCOM Kiss, Greg Destroys Margie, Protozoa: Your New Lord and Savior, and Some More Taglines

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  • Cass C

    Really enjoyed this one! Great episode ????