Episode 14: Time Finally Has Meaning

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As summer draws to a close, we hop into our Time's Arrow Machine to travel back to 2001 with The Poof Point. Join us as we regretfully sink our teeth into this less popular DCOM, and as we realize exactly why that is. We find some truly emotionally scarred human beings who are ruining the lives of their children who really do not take their parent's impending death seriously enough and force us to answer a gross would you rather.

Luke throws shade at Tahj and feels bad about picking this movie. Emma got this confused with 17 Again and enjoys a good 2000's teen party.

Talking Points: A Sad Lack of News, The Lesser Mowry, Camera Explosions, The Set/Sound Designer Was On Drugs, Perpetual Cookies, The Dog Deserves An Emmy, Sir Bowser Wowser III, Secret Mean Girls, Goldfish Murder, Laptops: The Key to Time Travel, The Cycle of Neglect, Return of Body Horror, Giant Continuity Errors, The Parents Legit DIE, White Guy With Cornrows: The Hero This Movie Deserves, That Ruffles High, We Write a Better Movie

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