Episode 16: Hey, Smartphone

DCOMedy Podcast published on

This month we take our second foray into the modern era of DCOMs with 2014's Zapped. We quickly learn that this is almost in no way a remake of the gross sex comedy and is really about Zendaya being bad at mind control and somehow being both feminist and aggressively gendered at the same time.

Luke loves the villains and crushes hard on Zendaya. Emma hates the love interest and wants this power for herself.

Talking Points: Zombies Looks Awful, How to Pronounce Zendaya?, zAPPed, The Mom is Bad, Crazy Cliques, The Bratz Movie, The Love Interest Is Awful, SMARTPHONE, No School Runs Athletics This Way, Talking to Dogs, I’m Thinking Dance Off, She Tells Them The Truth?!, This Ending Sucks, Our Random Boyz n Motion Cover, Taglines Reloaded: Luke Does a Bad Job 2

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