Episode 18: Wizard's Duel With Richard Nixon

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This month, we try to capture a little magic for the new year by reviewing the mystifying film Now You See It... Not mystifying because it's magic, but because this film is an enigma not even the greatest film theorists could even begin to comprehend. You might as well try one of the many drinking games we suggest with the film and see if that makes anything that happens seem like it is a coherent narrative.

Luke has amnesia about rankings and is here for the high stakes. Emma didn’t learn anyone’s name and has some feelings for Aly Michalka.

Talking Points: A Zombie Turd, Reranking, Return of the Fashion Corner, Are We In New Orleans?, The World’s Worst Reality Show Competition, Disney Censorship, Magicians are Safe-crackers?, Unquestioned Teleportation, An Nonsensical Mechanical Bull, Fortune Teller Stereotypes, The Plot Actually Starts to Happen, Knight Fight, Aly Is an Idiot, Mystic Max Rules, Hall of Mirror Escapes, Attempted Murder on Disney Channel, The Most Insane Thing, A Totally Unsatisfying Ending

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