Episode 20: Everybody Loves Jordan

DCOMedy Podcast published on

This month, we've got Danielle Panabaker to the left and Brenda Song to the right so you know we are Stuck in the Suburbs with you. Might as well join us as we rock to the soundtrack, learn the power of friendship, and relive our youth in the early 2000s. 

Emma needs a location and feel a unique mix of tipsy, nostalgic, and emotional. Luke has to translate Emma's nonsense and gets deep. 

Talking Points: News Tricklins, Fake Music Magazines, Cold Stone Steve Austin, Steve Holland: Savage, Cobie Smulders, Disney vs. Nick, Badly Aged Casting, Raisin Payoff, Brenda Song Masterclass, May I Call You Kip?, Drew Seeley Cameo, Stop the Creepy Little Brothers, Haircut Hijacking, Dog Identification, The House is A Metaphor, Brenda Soze, Queen vs. Queen, We Miss Lying, Violent Target Argument, Helmet Enforcement, Random Thugs, JUST GRAB THEM, A Confusing Ending

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