Episode 21: Love...And Illegal Fishing Practices

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We decided to take a trip down to a confusingly located island this April, by which I mean we watched A Ring of Endless Light. There is a lot to unpack in this one folks, so join us as we tackle a movie with some dark turns and really strange religious undertones. Although, at its core, it is a story about a girl caught between two potential loves while trying to stop the illegal fishing industry. Oh, also she can talk to dolphins, but that's really more of a side thing.

Luke did a lot of research and opens a new corner. Emma doesn’t pick up on a lot and is real bitter.

Talking Points: Life Size 2, Thirteenth Year Leftovers, GRANDFATHER, Mr. Rochester and Ned, Shaky Hands = Dead, Merriman Glow-up, Mr. Supernatural, Age Issues, Serious DCOMs, Mischa Shows Some Skin, Bad CGI,  Another Dead Parent, Casual Drowning, Poets Are Telepathic, Dolphin Hugger, Low-Risk Love Triangles, Lip Kissin', The Most Confusing Argument, An Equally Confusing Analogy, The Most Graphic Scene in a DCOM, Dolphins Have No Secrets, The Confusing Tragedy of Zachary Grey, Straight Up Leukemia, An Onscreen Death

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