Episode 22: Emma vs. Luke - Dawn of Zombies

DCOMedy Podcast published on

This month, we are looking at the most recent DCOM yet: Zombies. Surprisingly, it has left us in a bit of a standoff. One host thinks its good, one thinks its bad, but they are both definitely really confused about how zombies work. Join us for some amazing choreography, hilarious side characters, and ridiculous wig work.

Emma misses that this is an allegory and doesn’t pay attention. Luke gets his speech patterns called out and wants you to know he runs our twitter.

Talking Points: Nobody Tell Disney Channel About Us, Kim Possible Casting, Horrible Zombie Logic, Zombie Uniforms, Confirmed Zombie Sex, Twilight Parody, Full Blue’s Clues, Wig on a Wig, Allegories with Mixed Messages, Bree and Bonzo: Incredibly Pointless, Time Once Again Has No Meaning, The Amazing Football Coach, Pointless Walls, Inconsistent Hatred, Zombies vs. Fire, Zombie Social Justice, ZOMBIE MASH, Performance Enhanced Zombies, Human World Problems, Necrodopolous?, Confusing Dream Sequences, Scooby-Bonzo, Non-specific Sabotage, The Power of Cheer, What Got Fixed?

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