Episode 23: Mel's Special Lemonade

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Poets. Geniuses. Revolutionaries. The DCOMedy Crew has been called none of these things, but they are still here to talk about Lemonade Mouth for far longer than anyone should really desire to listen. Join us as we miss a bunch of crucial scenes and have to backpedal on them and get upset this film can't fulfill a subplot to save its life.

Luke drinks lemonade and tears up. Emma stans Bridgit Mendler and fans people with grape leaves. Ashley gets broken by some Disney Channel rapping.

Talking Points: Ashley vs. Ashley, New KP Characters, The Most Extra Intro, Poorly Cast Parents, No One Cares About Scott, A Waste of McDonald, Secret Dress Codes, Wen’s Mommy, Not Delivering on Subplots, Disney and Wheelchairs, Red Herring Lemonade Mouths, Wen Hates His Own Horse, Vegetarian Rage, Cellphone Variety, Creepy Wendell, Confusing Music Videos, Guitar Tricks, Old Cats, The Coldest Bars Imaginable, The Lemonade is GROSS, Confusing Activism, More Non-Branded Costumes, Lemonade Solves Everything, Disney Channel’s Idea of Political Statements, A Random Cloud Watching Interlude, No Teenager Has a Radio, Forced Rock Bottom, The Lemonade Destination, What Is Your Plan?, No Satisfaction, Deus Ex Mel

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