Episode 24; How Geneva Got Her Groove Back

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We decided to hit the track this month with Motocrossed, which seems like it would be a film about motocross. Really it's about the relationship between a mother and daughter who find themselves once they escape the influence of the family's monstrous father. So if you expected to understand anything about how motocross works I suggest you check elsewhere because we still have no clue.

Emma writes her own movie/musical and falls for a male model motocrosser.

Luke is persecuted for his pronunciation and flexes his French accent.

Dyllan plays to his wheelhouse of films with dream-crushing parents.

Talking Points: A Quick Start, Another Horrible Father, Child Mechanics, Betting It All, We Know Nothing About Motocross, The Most Unorganized Sport, Surprise Haircuts, Tear that ACL!, Twin Names,r 2000’s Telegram, Motocross War Wounds, Jimmy Bottles: The Most Important Character, A Laundry Metaphor, Strategic Nail Polish, Dean Talon: Professional Hot Guy, Faryn?, Homoerotic Lakes, One of the Most Sexual Scenes in DCOM History, DEAN’S PANTS,  Support Your Daughter!, Renee Freakin Cartier, French Jerk Stereotype, Kicking the Plot into Overdrive, The Fastest Working Frenchman Ever

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