Episode 25: What The Heck Are Those Two Doing In A Tree?!

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It is finally time everyone. The stakes are high, but our excitement is higher. We are celebrating our monumental two-year anniversary by reviewing High. School. Musical. And of course by review, I mean we mostly just quote the best lines and shout WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS in your ears the whole episode. 

Luke loves Corbin Bleu and gets cast to dub over Gabriella. Emma gets location vindication and wants to see some shirtless dudes.

Talking Points: A Cultural Phenomenon, Our HSM Obsession, The Problem with Gabriella, Karaoke Russian Roulette, Fate’s Role in HSM, Constant State of Pep Rally, Sharpay Evans: An Icon, Coach Bolton and Ms. Darbus Are Dead, Pink Jelly?, CELLITARY CONFINEMENT, Chad’s Armpit Hair, Search the Internet, Wildcat Spirit, The Bolton Estate, Bad Audition Montages, Ryan Is Gay, Our HSM 4 Pitch, Zeke: The Purest Boy, Troy’s Sex Garden, Coach Cockblock, Theatre Interventions, Chad’s Watches, Gabriella’s Terrible Songs, WTF Is A Scholastic Decathalon?, Troy Bolton: Basketball Messiah,These Kids Commit A Crime, Kelsey Disappears For No Reason, Rapid-Fire Ending

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