Episode 26: It's Just Not.

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Folks…our only real hope for this episode is that you can find some enjoyment in our deep descent into sorrow and exhaustion as we discuss the cinematic blunder that is Dadnapped. A marvel of mistakes, poor decision-making, and an apparent lack of effort. Yup, this is a bad one folks, so bad that by the end we are basically just praying for the chance to kill one of the main characters with our bare hands.

Emma needs to apologize and decided to fix her shower curtain. Luke knows what he’s about and loses control of his voice.

Talking Points: Rapid Fire News, Good Actors Made Bad, Melissa Has A Serious Mental Illness, Dentist Secret Agents, Word Wham, Nobody Is Giving This 100%, Jason Earles: Human Time Capsule, Making Messes, Too Much Goop Not Enough Space, Who The Hell is Deb?, FLOSS, The Nappers Demand Nothing, Messy Continuity, Double Dadnappings, Missing Scenes, Lip Gloss Payoff, Goop War, Secret Agent Sexism, Tripp Zoome’s Mortality, We’re All Phoning It In, If This Movie Got Made You Can Do Anything

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