Episode 27: Risking It For The Biscuit

DCOMedy Podcast published on

It is that time of year once again my friends…the spooky season is upon us! While this may just mean it’s a time of candy and costumes to you, for us it means it’s time to return to Halloweentown again. Not literally of course, they don’t have the budget for that this year. With Halloweentown High, we are going all in on the mortal world; much like Marnie is going all in with some guy she just met. Because clearly she just never learns anything, including more magic.

Emma forgets her love and has to be open about her drunkenness. Luke writes some fanfiction and reads into the movie way too much.

Talking Points: Lack of Recap, Stellar Spooky Sets, More Confusing Halloween Creatures, Debbie Reynolds Continues to Slay, Gwen Cromwell: Halloweentown Heartthrob, Sophie Gets Screwed, Magic Mary Magdalene, Frightening Fashion, Aggie Can’t Teach, Halloweentown Math and Science, Creepy Cody, The Rad Clubhouse, Marnie Has Learned Nothing, A Very Confusing Romance, A Million Red Flags, Sophie Misses Everything, Marnie vs. Aggie, Dylan Actually Matters for One Second, Magical Cell Phone Prisons, Aggie’s Dramatic Reveals, Marnie Putting It All on the Line, Disappointing Halloween Costumes, Reveal Fails, Another Fast and Unsatisfying Ending

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