Episode 28: This Should Have Been a Dream

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We have quite an interesting movie for all of you this month. Every time you think it’s gonna zig? It zags. Although I guess that is to be expected from the kind of superspy theatrics on display in Jett Jackson: The Movie. Come along as we dive into a movie that goes so meta with its concept of different realities that by the end you won’t even know what’s real anymore...

Luke knows nothing about this show and had portal problems. Emma reinforces gender roles and wants more romance.

Talking Points: Life Size 2, Rear Memento, Blowing Past Sadness, Disney Channel’s First Crackhead, This Movie Is So Meta It Can’t Be Criticized, A Life With Derek Feel, Is This The Finale?,The Space-Time Nonsense Machine, Just Ask Her!, Sudden Proms, Get That Money, JettBucks, The Most Insane Premise, Great Grandmothers, CHICAGO IS GONE, Silverstone Based School System, Everybody Hates Jett, New Canada City, The Leather Budget, Scraping the Dimension Hole, Law and Order: Silverstone, A Rad Fight Scene, Cargo Goons, Old People in DCOMs Are Magic, An Extensive Rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Kayla x Jett OTP, Everybody Loves Jett Again…for No Reason, Cost Effective Force Fields, A Trio of Jacksons, and A Nonsensical Solution

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