Episode 29: The Wrath of Lucas

DCOMedy Podcast published on

All right folks, time to gather round the table (get it?) and listen as we rant and rave about the insane roller-coaster that is Avalon High. It’s a film that has a lot going for it: a good cast, a solid source material, and loads of intrigue. However, the thing that truly makes it worth talking about is how it somehow manages to completely ruin all of it.

Lucas gets way too hot on this topic and almost loses his voice. Emma is underwhelmed by the romantic lead and makes a YouTube video essay.

Talking Points: This Looks Expensive, Avalon High Stans, The Kim Possible Trailer, Allie “New Girl” Pennington, The Worst Professors, Mysterious Boxes, Definitely Not Maryland, So Many Running Montages, DCOM Ezra Miller, All Practices Happening Simultaneously, The Order of the Bear, If You Are Young With a Cane You Are Evil, FRIEND BURGERS, Reincarnation Relocation, Vampires???, Marco’s Bad Boy Antics, Molly Quinn Deserves an Oscar, Locker Acting, Meteor Shower + Eclipse = Arthur, Everyone Knows, The Football Team Breaks Bad So Fast, Something For the Ladies, Buckle Your Seatbelts, Mysterious Green Lighting, Anticlimactic Relationship Resolution, Missed Theatre Opportunities, The Dumbest Plot Twist, The Backup QB Crushes It, All of Our Money Is Tied Up in Horses

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