Episode 30: Bullying And Cheating Are Cool?

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The DCOMedy crew is many things, but one thing we definitely aren’t is smart or athletic. Well sure enough, here comes Genius to judge our abilities of being both. Join us for a film that has kind of aged poorly, as we discover why they don’t really show it anymore as well as a theoretical particle that will change the future of humanity forever! But that’s really more of a side thing to cringey school scenes and hockey.

Luke has trouble pronouncing names and teaches science. Emma finds a new crush and wants to talk about Flubber. Dyllan opens a new corner.

Talking Points: The Cringe, The Black Sheep of 1999, Rufus Revealed, Dad Boyle, Off-Screen Mothers, English Please, Blades vs. Skates, New Chicagoronto, Soufflé Machines, Computers + Pipes = Science, Broken Homes, A Man Named Bear, PIFFWHIFFER, The Bluntest Man, Confusing Living Situations, Adults Bullying Children, Chazzing It Up, Easy Enrollment, Johnny Bahama Vomit, Krickstein Don’t Care, Goin Psycho, The Dad Knows Nothing, Tutoring Trope, Smelling Hair, Chaz Bourne, A Horrible Accident, Paying the Water Bill, Everyone Laughs at a Wounded Child, Charlie Is Actually Nice, Invalid Nuns, Claire-zer Soze, Charlie Doesn’t Explain Anything, Everybody Hates Charlie, Claire Does Nothing Wrong, Krickstein Saves the Day?, The Game Continues, Junior High Genius

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