Episode 31: Stop Saying Daddy

DCOMedy Podcast published on

We decided to review Cow Belles this month because you all are a bunch of spoiled, inconsiderate jerks and wanted you to learn something. Now, I know that nothing about the way you behave or act indicates this, but that doesn’t stop everyone from being mean to Aly & AJ so take that! Come and change your ways by experiencing all the fun stuff this movie has…like business management and FDA regulations.

Luke makes a weird analogy and does a great accent. Emma loves manipulating men and wants the movie to be about something else.

Talking Points: The Kim Possible Movie, Lack of Tension, Clueless Shame, The Actor from Everything, The Incredibly Obvious Villain, Butterfly Collecting, A Confusingly Dead Mom, What is a Cotillion?, Ridiculous Party Budget, Accidental Arson, An Uncle Joey Situation, Everyone is Mean to Teenagers, Aly and AJ Never Sing, Mess Humor, Power Point Pacing, Scrounging for Footage, FIND ANYTHING, No Drama, A Random Pizza Scene, The Worst Rich Girls, A Rain Man Reference, Completely New Character Traits, Stop Having Animal Births , Farmer’s Only, Fill-ippe, Pointless Scenes, FDA Regulations, Stealing the Spotlight, The Bad Guy Wins, Alternate Endings

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