Episode 32: May the Road Rise Up to Meet Ya

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St. Patrick’s Day may have passed, but the heart of the Emerald Isle still beats strong in our chests. So, we are going to express our heritage loud and proud this month by reviewing The Luck of the Irish. Join us as we follow the rainbow to find the pot of gold at the end, even if instead of gold we find confusing Leprechaun logic and a surprising amount of American propaganda.

Emma bashes her heritage and is obsessed with pit stains. Lucas flexes his Irish accent and does a one-man show. Austin realizes he knows nothing about Lerprechauns.

Talking Points: American Dream Propaganda, Offensive Costuming, The Last Merriman, Unnecessary Narration, Hello to Mr. Hoen, Sports Is Happening Now, Horror Movie Parents, Searching for Johnsons, Kyle is an Idiot, A Non-Copyrighted Lucky Charm, A Random Irish Festival, The Original “What Are Those”, Backpack Anxiety, Leprechaun Biology, Bianca/Debbie/Bonnie, A Crowd Bullies a Child, The Dad Should Be Way More Concerned, Leprechaun Lessons, Are All Irish People Leprechauns?, Austin Powers Chase, A Conflict of Leprechaun Interest, Reilly O’Reilly, Holding Irish Grudges, Disney Channels Confronts Slavery, Leprechauns Are Wizards Now, A Classic Cleveland Crossover, Cleveland Is a Punishment

Editor’s Note: We were trying out a new recording software and, while it worked pretty well, it did result in a little audio weirdness at times.

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