Episode 33: On the Cutting Room Floor

DCOMedy Podcast published on

It may not be Summer quite yet, but you better pack your bags, your musical instrument of choice, and your song book because: we are going to Camp Rock! Come with us as we travel back to the romantic time of 2008 and relive the film that re-introduced the world to Demi Lovato and helped to light the wildfire of Jonas Brothers mania.

Emma gets shook by style and is left wanting more. Luke shares some unpopular opinions and uses the wrong name. Marissa relives her Jonas Brothers obsession.

Talking Points: Descendants 3 Trailer, Pre-gap or Post-gap, JoBros Mandala Effect, Triple Sunglasses, Disney Channel Scandal, The Demi Smile, The Thinness of Tess Tyler, Apologies to Kevin Jonas, Joe vs. Nick Girls, The Little Mean Girls, Lunchroom Set Design, Sensual Cupcakes, Second Breakfasts/Bad Editing, Misdirected Deception, Connect Three Prequel Movie, Food Fight Tease, The Most Romantic Scene, That’s Chappie, Caitlyn’s Music Rights, Purity Rings, Who’s on Jonas, Romantic Canoe Rides, Tears of a Jonas, Confusing Bracelet Ploys, A Moment of Light, The Dream Tour

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