Episode 34: Women and Sandwiches

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Listen up audience, just because we are covering Freaky Friday this month, you better not try to get out of listening to this episode to go on an uninteresting scavenger hunt! However, we will allow it so long as you do so to find this massive hourglass we are looking for. Still you should stay in and listen anyway, if only to hear us complain about the confusing decisions the filmmakers made both as a movie and an adaptation.

Luke brings back his favorite theory and learns a new phrase. Emma can’t let go of the 2003 movie and would die for Mike. Mercedes pulls of a long con.

Talking Points: An Adaptation Nightmare, A Weird Weight Issue, Embarrassing DCOMs, Unnecessarily Animated Credits, Hanging Before School, Magic vs. Puppets, Inconsequential Friends, THE HUNT, The Huge Hourglass, #JusticeforMike, Autotune Crimes, Poorly Transitioned Songs, Magic is Real, 2003 Stereotyping, The Incredibly High Stakes, 2019 Mean Girls, Frog Dissection Attractions, Belly Piercings, Mom/Daughter vs. Daughter/Mom, Unnecessary Fart Humor, DCOM Shooting Location Tour, Lack of Struggle, Hard Parent Truths, A Child with a Balcony, Freaky Saturday, Torrey Did Nothing Wrong, Saying Tool on Disney Channel, The Hunt Makes No Sense, Random Body Positivity, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, What Does the Audience See?!   

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