Episode 35: A Disney Channel Psychological Thriller

DCOMedy Podcast published on

This month’s episode is coming hot of the presses! We decided to pick up a copy of Read It and Weep, expecting to find a pretty standard story of a high-school student getting accidentally famous. What we didn’t expect to find was a character study of a young girl undergoing a mental breakdown and alienating everyone in her life for no reason other than her hallucination telling her to do so.

Emma soldiers on and wants everyone to stop making their own misery. Luke re-classifies this movie and tells an embarrassing story about Emma.

Talking Points: A Panabaker Double Feature, 2 Descendants 2 Furious, Her Insane Computer, Low-Rent Zac Efron, Stop Making Jason Dolley a Loser, What Were We Doing in 2006, Canadian Schools, Poetry Problems, Big Sad Boy Energy, The Most Insane Pizza Restaurant, A Confusing Writing Contest, Way Too Supportive Parents, Gotta Keep the Gold, ZAP, A Wasted Lenny, Lightspeed Book Printing, Overestimating the Fame of Authors, Disney Channel Adult Party, Why Is Sawyer So Great?, A Total Mental Breakdown on Live TV, An Unfairly Mean Protest, That Is Not How This Works!, All Ecosystems Go, Seaweed Reaction Shots, Why Is There Sushi At a Pizza Restaurant?

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