Episode 36: Devils and Dirtboards

DCOMedy Podcast published on

After a brief delay, our Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board episode has made it’s way down the mountain! Good thing dirt-boarding isn’t a racing sport. Or is it? Dyllan joins us once again as we cover the more land-based sequel to the even more classic Johnny Tsunami. Honestly, it’s a movie just as zig-zaggy as riding a board down a mountain.

Lucas has terrible hearing and writes Johnny Tsunami fan-fiction.

Emma thought this sport was fake and freaks out about her bed.

Dyllan forgot to turn off his air conditioning so his audio sounds weird sometimes.

Talking Points: Missing Conflicts, Ridiculous Recasting, Surfing for Bikinis, The Incredibly Dangerous Dirt-boarding, Super Relevant Rocket Power References, Age Issues, JTA’s Three Strikes, A Mature Main Character, Surf-shop/Pray/Love, Everything Happens on the Same Day, Amazing Bully Names, The Trouble With Troy, Val and the Rushed Romance, Business Management, Never Trust Troy, Boarding on the Barge, SHAKY CAM, Johnny the G, Val: Knows What She Wants, Troy’s Commune, Mystery Business Man, Math Whiz, Cops on Parole, Johnny Falls for This, Jared Wants a Child to Die, Groms, Children Rebuild a Store, Sports Finally Happen, An Actual Arrest

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