Episode 37: There Is No Heterosexual Explanation For This

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Sorry to make y’all wait on this one a bit longer, but I think after three years we’ve earned a little bit of wiggle room. However, the delay was not because we didn’t want to talk about this movie, quite the contrary. We are beyond stoked to finally bring you our coverage of the absolute DCOM classic: Brink! So come along as we grind down a rail into this story of friendship, betrayal, identity, and obviously rollerblading. Because the nineties were a wild time and this movie is the distillation of exactly why.

Emma loves the formula and wants to join another cult. Luke missed out on blading and is ecstatic about the villain. 

Talking Points: Brink Can Drink, A Useless Little Sister, Baggy Fashion Only, The Male Rachel, Heavy Rocket Power Comparisons, Incredible Slang, Unsuitable Stunt Double, Terrible Fake Magazines, TEAM X-BLADEZ, The Cokehead Manager, Boarders vs. Bladers, Phat Was Cool, Peruvian Traditions?, Fantastic Pranking Skills, The Biggest Mis-Quote in DCOM History, The Maturity of Brink, Family Finance Trouble, Peter’s Abusive Stepdad, X-Bladez Supervillain Lair, Faking Sick, The Skating Legend, SkateSlutz, Val Moriarty, Out of the Ether, That Bitch, Revolting Road Rash, Losing the Message, An Iconic Milkshake Throw, Insane Music Choices, A Violent Turn, An Unfortunately Sudden Ending

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