Episode 38: The Full Doubtfire

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Alright, quiet down everyone. For the rest of this episode we are holding the talking flower, which means you are legally required to listen to us drone (like a bee) on and on about Den Brother. A truly baffling film where an older brother gains control of a troop of girls under one of the worst run organizations of all time. Join us as we are forced to watch him pretend to be an older woman while manipulating children to make his life easier and use them an excuse to attract the only girl every who is horny for scouting.

Luke nails an impression and wants you to protect Tina. Emma wants more wordplay and remembers her scouting days.

Talking Points: D23 reveals, Weird Cinematography, Hockey PTSD, How Is This Not a Dream?, Good Old and Super Old Ingrid, Understandably Busy Single Parent, The Troop is Perfect, The Stupidest Fight Ever, MATISSE, A Confusing and Impossible Suspension, Basket Decoration, The Crazy Haired Yet Unnecessary Villain,The Sporting Goods Store of Insanity, Manipulating Children...In a Fun Way?, A Terrible Makeover, Mall Anarchy,  A Confusing Moral, The Goth Queen Rachel, Tina’s Emergence, Camporee Suuucks, #JusticeforKim

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