Episode 39: Sucky Hogwarts

DCOMedy Podcast published on

(Reupload) It is always hard to say goodbye, but never has it been harder than the way we were forced to say goodbye to the Halloweentown franchise by watching its final installment: Return to Halloweentown. Celebrate the spookiest of seasons with us as we follow a girl who calls herself Marnie, but doesn’t look like her, leaving the nest to go to magic college. Doesn’t that sound like it would be cool? Well, it’s not. Trust us.

Emma asks for very specific humor and can’t tell her own joke. Luke writes the movie better and has poor water etiquette.

Talking Points: Non-Canon, The Halloweentown Sequel We Deserve, So Many Questions, WITCH UNIVERSITY, The New Marnie, Debbie’s Disappearance, Poor Sequel Connectivity, Not Enough Class Privilege, Why Is Dylan There?, #Bringbackthebus, Inconsistent Costuming, Grog Goes Hard, ALack of Fiber, Everybody Loves Genies, Grabeel’s Wardrobe, Terrible Anti-Magic Rules, Gwen’s Interludes, Justice for Trolls, Spooky Set Design, The Dumb-inion, The Problem With Periwinkle, Little Cromwell Women, A Word Tornado, Confusing Charm Casting, Doodle Flirting, Bad Chemistry, Terrible At Time Travel, Ridiculous Retcons, Dog Tension, Gwen’s Halloweentown Glow-up, Marnie Demands To Make Herself Hot

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