Episode 40: Stevological Warfare

DCOMedy Podcast published on

After an unfortunate delay, we are happy to report that your flight to the definitely real island of Mandalino is ready to go! And to make it up to you, your in flight movie will be another television show turned DCOM with The Even Stevens Movie. Much like we endured our technical difficulties, watch the Stevens endure and overcome being put in a survivor-esque situation while hopefully wrapping up their series in a meaningful way.

Emma revisits her crush and doesn’t like the family fighting. Lucas's fingers get possessed and screams for Shia. Brittany drops some knowledge on our hosts.

Talking Points: McGuires vs. Stevens, A Dramatic Finale Reading, Should There Be Even More Stevens?, Photoshopped Shia, One Day of Coulier, The Glee Problem, The Terrible CGI, Doctor Emmett Louis Brown, The Mystery of Beans, The Pancake House, THE CHAIR, Wrong Music, Ren’s Pantyhose, Getting Messy, Jim Carrey Energy, Actors and Ages, House Collapsers, A Sudden Shift to Survivor, Heroic Snake Saving, Family Fakeout, The Lost Love of Larry, The Squirrel Cam, Twitty Told All, One of Those Hip Websites, An Impossible Vote, Tom’s Dinghy, A Coconut in the Dark, The T-Name Trio, Dr. Lars Honeytoast, An Island Lip Kiss, The Most Dangerous Ren, Deus Ex Gotcha, The Cringe of Mootai, and An Out of Nowhere Music Video

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