Episode 41: Creepy Uncle Nick

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas dear listeners! I hope you are all on the nice list this ye- What’s that? Christmas was a week ago and it’s literally New Year’s Eve when we are posting this? It basically defeats the purpose of doing a Christmas DCOM in the first place? Well if you keep that naughty thinking up, someone is getting an ant farm instead of a new episode all about ‘Twas the Night like they wanted.

Luke tries out a new voice and begs for a zombie apocalypse. Emma hates the new voice and wants this to be over. Drew & Riley are in shock after watching this film.

Talking Points: Doctor Stuff, The Beans of a Simpler Time, THE BABY VOICE, Muniz Money, Bruce Lee Christmas Tree, Santa Dropping a Deuce, Self-Congratulating Writing, Eggnog Abuse, The Wrigley Super Virus, Santa’s Super Stupid Sleigh, Claus Technology, Santa Prat Fall, Gift Income Inequality, The Plot Stops Happening, Nobody Expects a Spanish Inquisition Reference, Confused Themes, A Dead Dog Appears, Santa’s Sloshing Stomach, My Boy Pablo, Naughty Boys, Peter’s Piss Saves Christmas, The Canadian Royal Family, Silence on Silence, Caitlin: Magic Mechanic, Santa Sexual Tension

Editor’s Note: We were out of our usual recording environment for the holidays so apologies if the audio sounds a little off at times.

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