Episode 42: Costume Catastrophe

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Ah, superheroes. What’s not to love? People with amazing abilities and cool costumes acting selflessly to help their fellow man. It’s perfect! So certainly, Disney Channel’s own superhero movie Up, Up, and Away! will be a slam dunk!  What’s that? The superheroes have no urgency to help people, the budget is so low they can’t really show cool powers, and the costumes are so bad it hurts the eyes? Well, uh, with any luck an under-aged superhero will be around to electroshock the bad memories of this film from my brain and just leave the stuff we thought was fun. Like the foil thing! That was fun, right? Or was it a cheap workaround? Hmmmm….

Luke settles a score and finds a mortal enemy. Emma calls out a bad boyfriend and makes a quick exit. Dyllan just wants to talk about Entourage.

Talking Points: The Incredible Sky High, Wolf Children, An Excessive National Treasure Tangent, Sound Design Disaster, Super Incorrect Ages, Superfoods, A Reverse Get Out, A Totally Informed Romance, School of No Concerns, Evil Attire, Costume Fails, Nonchalant Bank Robbery, The Fourteenth Year, THE FLYING DOOR, Everyone Becomes an Idiot, Nina The Gullible Genius, Unplanned Skydiving, The Costumes Fail Even Harder, Everyone Is Useless, That’s Not How Masks Work, The Cool Worm, Geriatric Heroics, The Most Obvious Trap, Just Close Your Eyes!, A Pointless Ruse, Horny for Removing Memories

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