Episode 44: Emma vs. Luke 2 - Prawnpocaplypse

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Okay everyone, you know what time it is. Dust off your Z-bands and pom-poms, because (despite the wishes of one of our hosts) we are headed back to Seabrook. That’s right, we are reviewing the freshly released Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 and all of the craziness that comes with it. Come along as we dive right into how this world gets even wilder thanks to werewolves, monster laws, and unfulfilled prophecies.

Emma fights for the people and wins a personal victory. Lucas is in denial and missed a massive metaphor.

Talking Points: Mixed Messages, Choreography War, Adult Lizzie, Leaving Out the Werewolves, The Coach’s Return, A Cheer Mansion, THE PRAWN, Eliza’s Horrible Theory, The Buck-zooka, Bree and Bonzo Business, Shrimp and Run, Were-goths, Alpha Wolves Don’t Exist, Inconsistent Monster Laws, Surname Stupidity, Seabrook’s Three Genders, The Lack of Tension, De-jokerization, Werewolf Racial Slurs, Magical Werewolf Makeovers, Worn Out Howling, These Films Keeps Ripping Off Hamilton, The Movie Won’t End, The Only Weapon is Cheer, An Entirely Pointless Argument About Silver Gas, Cool Water Dancing Causes Bummer, Werewolf Formal Ware, Hobbling Into Prawn, Seabrook’s Suspicious Seismology, National Treasure: Book of Zombies, We’re Zom In This Together

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