Episode 45: For the Ladies

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Howdy there partner! You look like someone who could learn a thing a two about having some Horse Sense. What’s Horse Sense you ask? Well…uh…um….it’s…look. We may have devoted our April episode to this 1999 Lawrence Brothers showcase, but we have no earthly idea what it’s title has to do with the movie. The filmmakers apparently didn’t feel it was important to connect them. The only thing for sure they had to do was to make Joey Lawrence look as hot as possible, and by God they did their duty.

Lucas fights some body issues and shows some woodworking knowledge. Emma invents a troubling romance and has no qualms about this attraction.

Talking Points: Big ABC Family Energy, Magical Creature Crushes Continued, What Is Horse Sense?, Horse Sense of the Cinnamaron, Rodeo Drive, Hitting the Pube, The Chiseled Joey Lawrence, Gina with the Va, Kids Love the Costner, Disneyland Teases, Into the BrinkVerse, Tube Slide Slapstick, Disney Says Horse Rights?, Family Finance Troubles, Ranch Life, Cowboy Language, Boring Sabotage, Literal B.S., God’s Painting?, Wolf Watch, STAMPEDE, Wild Horses, Bad Time Flow, Messing Up the Message, Pyramid Schemes, Tree-house Meltdowns, Horse Porn, Real Estate Law Saves the Day

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