Episode 46: Wilde Whiplash

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Alright listeners, this month DCOMedy is going Hollywood. We’re even bringing our new friend Paige along for the ride! That’s right, we’re living the big time in Los Angeles by reviewing Starstruck. You’d think it was a classic story of a regular girl meeting a celebrity and going on an adventure, but really it turns out to be a true roller-coaster of a relationship. Not with your ordinary ups and downs either, more like them changing wildly between wanting to kill each other or falling in love? Maybe? Kind of? It won’t last.

Emma can't handle the costumes and gives storm-out advice. Luke wants a real villain and just loves Stubby. Paige makes our hosts really feel their age.

Talking Points: LA Love Letter, Sterling’s Swirling Singing Controversy, They Made the Girl a Jerk, Blue Eyed But Way Too Old, Not Like Other Girls, Losing the Plot Threads, Starstruck Could be Solved By Smartphones, DCOM Cars, Unusual Villains and Heroes, Period Piece Porn, Encyclopedia Jessica, Non-Observant Parents, The Confusing Grandmother Situation, Stubby’s Time to Shine, Jonas’ List, Bratz Invasion, Door Struck, It Sucks Being Sanjay, Fevered Romance, Winning Your Children’s Love, The Smolder, Uncomfortable Grandpa Worship, Garage Syrup, A Lack of Family Time, Sunglasses Banter, Car Swapping, L.A. Porn, Wilde Time, Los Angeles Quicksand, The Wheels Come Off The Wagon, Intertwined Hands, Multiple Personality Main Cast, What Did She Tell Them?, Stubby’s Love For Cars, The Most Insane Speech, Oh Right The Big Dance, Quick-Change Personalities, How Will This Work Out?

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