Episode 47: Apologies to the Drag Racing Community

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Alright gang, let’s start your engines! That’s right, for June we are all about drag racing. All day, every day. We just love it when the cars go fast, and when…um…the cars go even faster somehow? Okay I’ll be real, the sport this movie focuses on doesn’t really photograph well and was kind of difficult to grasp the mechanics of. While the racing might fall a bit flat, the romance can be disappointing, and the pacing is crazy, it can be hard to notice all that when you’re focused on staying Right on Track!

Luke keeps trying to cut bits and checks in with his best friend. Emma demands a rival romance and can’t handle the timeline.

Talking Points: Justice for Jordy, Benjamin Button Enders, Children Driving Cars, Ugly Trophies, Nonsensical Sexclusion, Gregg Enders’ Side Hustle, Love in the Fast Lane, There Is Only French Class, The Party of the Century, Seraphim of the Speedway, Being Way Too Horny, RACERGIRL, Stop Playing Volleyball!, Gregg Goes Off, Doug Pennzoildome, Erica’s Last Goodbye, A Medical Marvel, Getting Back On The Dragstrip, The Randy of the Opera, Double Power Moves, Everyone’s Favorite Product: Gumout, Papa Pennzoil, Drag Racer Driving Tests, BDErica, Ice Skating Social Suicide, Alcohol Curveball, A Sitcom Tangent, Mucho Pressure, The Win Spike, Dejadome Vu, ESPN Le Sept, No Room for Improvement, Gregg the Computer Electronics Genius???, The Editing Kills the Ending

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