Episode 48: That Damn Hat

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Listen up guys. If you have any common sense, you should turn back before it is too late. We thought we would have a fun time watching the now-notorious Radio Rebel, but there was almost no fun to be had. This movie brought us nothing but pain, from the baffling character choices, insane dialogue, and (perhaps worst of all) the wardrobe.

Emma reminisces about statement jewelry and can’t tell what’s good anymore. Lucas gets his life force drained and wants to call it early.

Talking Points: Disney’s Folly, News At Last, Classic High School, Far Out Fashion, THE POPS, No 2012 Teen Wants This, The Least Interesting Point of Entry, Larry and Barry: Unimportant Idiots, Call Me Radio Rebel, A Band Post Lemonade Mouthing, Please No G’s, Tara’s “Shyness” Troubles, Drastic Departure From DCOM Parents, Bad Bedroom Design, Bang Acting, The State of Radio in 2012, Shakespeare But Bad, Kleptomaniac Principal, Random Food Theft, Radio Hor-Rebel, The Silent G’s, The Saddest Man Alive, Idiotic Fears, Everyone Protests the Wrong Person, An Unbelievable Sandwich Plan, The Morp, A Pointless Tangent About The Mask, Stacy Is Delusional, An Insane Show of Blocking, Show Don’t Tell, All the Morp Madness, The Stupid Sandwich Surprise

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