Episode 49: Men Don't Matter

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Alright listeners, time for you to dig deep and find your spots! Because we have decided to celebrate our fourth anniversary (ignore all the times we say fifth, we are bad and wrong) by coming at you with as much growl power as we could muster. That’s right everyone, we are covering easily one of our most requested movies: The Cheetah Girls! Join us as we dive deep into this legendary DCOM, mainly in the ways it is both amazing and beautifully insane at the same time.

Emma dives deep into her musical past and sounds super smart. Luke gets hung up on the animal facts and doesn’t know music.

Talking Points: Oops! Missed a Movie, S-Tier Acting, A Lot of Attempted Catchphrases, Aqua Gets Snubbed, The Alternate Music Video Reality, Prada or Nada, A Quality Dog, Dorothea Rules, Buckets of Duckets, Hornt Up Parents, Insane Sound Design, Mrs. Almanac, Breaking It Down to the Camera, The Icon That Is Drinka Champagne, Disney Channel Being Real, The Jackala Johnson/Jackson Effect, The Powerful Aura of Dorothea, Running on Growl Powder, Hot Sauce in the Bag Swag, Def Duck Studios, Dorothea’s Galaxy Brain, Jackal Johnson Deserves Jail Time, Time Still Has No Meaning, The Fall of Galleria Caligula, Playing Catch-Up, Terrible Child Acting, Disney Channel Lets This Movie Get Real, The Global Getdown, We Stop Making a Funny Podcast, Hearth Ledder, DOG IN A HOLE!, New York Comes Together

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, due to the heat wave in California, we couldn’t record in our usual environment so the audio turned out with some echo at times. Our apologies.

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