Episode 50: They Put a Horse in Charge?

DCOMedy Podcast published on

We have quite an interesting case this month gang. We’ve covered dcoms built on the backs of things like books and TV shows before, but this is a different kind of beast. It is not only tied to a feature film, but by many metrics is not a Disney Channel Original Movie! However, since it bears the title, we traveled to the kingdom of Corona (yikes) to go on an all setup no payoff adventure with Rapunzel in Tangled: Before Ever After.

Emma just wanted a sequel and is overly attracted to these cartoons. Luke has controversial Prince opinions and some animation qualms.

Talking Points: We Got Tricked, A New/Old Spin, Tangled and Tooth Pain, No Eugene Only Flynn Rider, Rapunzel Hates Shoes, Unfulfilled Horse Romance, Maximus Rules So Hard, Clancy Brown Can’t Sing, Everybody Hates Flynn, Eugene SIMP-herbert, Lady Caine vs. Cassandra: Who Deserves to Be the Villain?, The Sudden Appearance of France, Super Weird Kiss Baiting, Cassandra Goes Dark, A Strangely Horrific Proposal, Ascot Bargaining, Pascal’s Puppetry, Things Get Ominous, Rapunzel Is A Superhero, The Mom Decides to Be Important, The Stupidest Villain Motivation, Chekov’s Frying Pan

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