Episode 51: Movie Mason's Megaplexxx of Pleasure

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Happy Halloween Listeners! To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, we’re covering a The Phantom of the Megaplex! A movie full of…uh…umm…okay so to be honest with you, this movie ended up being far less Halloweeny than we were led to believe. It is a bit more focused on being a whodunit than putting out those spooky vibes. However, we are happy to report that it is also about an absolute legend named Movie Mason who has the entire world wrapped around his finger…and some other things too.

Emma gets hung-up on an unnamed character and has pronunciation problems. Luke fails at an accent and almost comes to blows with his sister. Dyllan gets swept up in the movie magic.

Talking Points: Scooby-DCOM, Warm Movie Memories, An Actually Good Protagonist, There Are Only Boring or Wild Names, The Rooney Factor, The Many Protagonists, Fake Movie Titles, The Largest Bowl of Cereal Ever, Breaking Labor Laws, Donny Loves Pete, Alternate Phantom Theories, Very Unsexy Uniforms, Movie Mason’s Burlesque Days, Home Alone Level Stunts, Friends Who Hate Each Other, What Is A Cinema Sitter?, Caitlin’s Movie Theater Fetish, A Town of Karens, Public Domain Phantom Music, The Fan Hits the Fan, Extras in the Wind, THE PLANT METAPHOR, So Many Stairs, A Way Too Emotional Monologue, The Phantom’s Editing Skills, Brian Takes Charge, Boring Water Balloons, The Roof of Death, Misplaced Messages, The Phantom Shops at H&M, Smart House Reference!, They Solve It Offscreen?, A Solid Stunt, Why But No How, Pete Buys His Lady Breakfast

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