Episode 52: Full-on Hand Magic

DCOMedy Podcast published on

After a rather difficult year for basically the entire world, we wanted to escape into something a bit more magical. Luckily for us, Disney Channel made a whole TV show about a Wizard family in an entire magical world that got so popular they gave it a whole movie! So join us as we head down to Waverly Place and….what’s that? Oh. I’ve just been informed that the majority of this movie completely removes the family from their established setting and characters to have them go on vacation. How original. I’m sure this won’t feel like an entirely out of continuity side story at all.

Lucas refuses a mental image and agrees with his sister for once. Emma battles her own boredom and has a broken brain.

Talking Points: Canonicity Questions, Selena Gomez Juice, Wizards’ Accolades, The Unnecessary Max Russo, A Hilarious Dad and Overly Sexy Mom, Opening Issues, The Wizard World Sucks, Alex’s Illusions of Grandeur, A Perfectly Fun Family Vacation, Unjustified Emotion, Massive Info Dumps, The Bad Bird Vibes, Middle Aged And Ready To Party, This Setup Makes No Sense, Sleeping On The Job, This Movie Could Use Some Time Travel, Lazy Quicksand, A Human Moment Between Wizards, Upsetting Campfire Chats, Man vs. Bird, Everyone Just Gives Up, The Violent Tornado of Reality, A Very Athletic Wizard Battle, The Stupidest Necklace Ever, Bird Body Horror, Justin’s Eye Issues, A Reality Level Yeeting, Everyone Is Surprised Alex Does the Right Thing

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