Episode 53: Skates and Sex Pacts

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While we certainly hope the new year will be full of change for all of us, our last episode of the year has us treading some very familiar ground. A high schooler discovering a new passion that changes them, their new passion conflicting with their previous one, their relationship with a parent evolving in unexpected ways, and of course: hockey. You’d think rehashing these concepts would make for an easy, if rather by-the-numbers, DCOM. For some reason however, this movie decided to try movie so many other things it ended up a bit messier than it needed to be. Go Figure.

Emma loves figure skating and gets obsessed with the romance. Luke can’t handle the “girly” humor and gets way too frustrated about a kids' movie.

Talking Points: Too Much Telling With No Showing, Disney Channel Chicago Representation, The Eternal Wheel of DCOMs, Indoor Sports Domination, Spotty Narration, The Enigma of Ed, BOB AND GINGER, Topical Tonya Harding References, The Definitely Super Accurate Russian Woman, Walk-a-thon Woes, Everything About the Brother Sucks, Watch Out For Hooners, She Should Be in College, Someone Actually Asks Questions, Katelin Is a Republican, Twirl Girls, Time Has No Meaning, Nobody Taught Her Hockey, Irrational Hatred of Figure Skaters, An Out of Sequence Scene, Party-Party/Pamela’s Pulley Pranking Plan, That’s Kristi Yamaguchi!, The Problem Is Pamela, Terrible Fake Crying, Pregnancy On Ice, A Student Blackmails a Grown Man, Nothing Was Phat in 2005, The Worst Kept Secret In Hockey, Disney Channel Doping, Everyone Tells Her Not to Throw Away Her Dream, We Need to Talk About Pamela, The Brother’s Robot Becomes Relevant, All The Rules Get Thrown Out, An Absolutely Terrible Closing Line

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