Episode 54: Rodney Pepper-Eyes

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After the past year, one would have hoped this month would have started 2021 off better in the grand scheme of things. However, at least we can say we are starting the year off right on our show by taking a look at the exceedingly fun time that is Jump In! While it is definitely a movie that doesn’t take a ton of risks with its plot, it makes up for it with solid music, great chemistry, and plenty of that sweet double dutch action that just never gets old. Oh yeah, there is also some boxing in there for some reason but don’t let that ruin all that other good stuff for you.

Luke gets nauseous from the camera and is always in Corbin’s Corner. Emma can’t stand the narration and won’t be steamrolled.

Talking Points: Soundtrack Conflict, Corbin and Keke, Basically A Sports Biopic, Boxing Is Too Violent For Disney Channel, Corbin and Parkour, The Return of The King, Disney Actually Tries, A Well-Done Dead Parent, Disney Channel Sibling Age Gaps, Tammy: Feminist Icon, Big Balcony Problems, The Narration Spoils Its Ending, The Enigma of Mr. Hook, Gina’s Unfounded Hatred, Double Dutch Looks Rad, Where Is Bridget?, The Worst Boxing Ever, This Movie Hates Kids With Glasses, Double Dutch Destroys Lives, Pouring Liquid On Someone: A Rock Solid Comeback, What Was Rodney’s Plan, The Oldest Camera, Disney Has a Lawsuit Incoming, Nunya What?, Blow Off Your Girlfriend Son!, The Obsessive Photo Lab, Who Cares About This?, The Closest We May Ever Get to A Disney Channel Yo Momma Joke, That’s Your Takeaway? Corbin Goes HARD, Walking It Off, The Magic Referee, Corbin Continues To Go HARD, This Crowd Wants Blood, The Announcer’s Wild Style, An Incredibly Long But Incredibly Hype Performance

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