Episode 55: Too Much Chicken, Not Enough Stakes

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Hey there everyone! How are you Cock-A-Doodle Doing?!?!?! Ugh. Sorry, our brains are a bit scrambled after having to pick apart Hatching Pete for you all. A movie that is by no means terrible, but definitely takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul. All we hope is that by listening to this episode we can save some of you the mental anguish we experienced as we suffered for our art by saying the word chicken more times than the human brain was ever designed to process. So tread carefully, but do still listen to us unravel as we uncover the dark secrets of the town of Brewster and the mysteries it hides under its exterior. While also trying to avoid spending any time talking about basketball or mascot antics since they really just start to blur together after a while.

Luke throws out some theories and feels broken inside. Emma brings some strong wordplay and really nails her references.

Talking Points: A True Enigma, Please Watch Hatching Pete Responsibly, The Most Grotesque Character in a DCOM, Why Is This a Comedy?, A Gym of Confused Teenagers, The Incredibly Small Gym, The Mess of Camie Poole, The Terrible But Beloved Basketball Team, The Trampoline of Emotions, A Lack of Food Fun, THE CULT OF THE CHICKEN, Low Energy Ivey, We Can’t Describe The Basketball And Antics, Iron Chicken, Everybody Loves/Hates The Chicken, Houston From Houston, Chicken Possession, Everyone Is Horny For The Chicken, An Incredibly Easy Sell, We’re Over The Hill, Detective Dill, Now Everyone Just Loves The Chicken, Deep Cut Comic Book References, Cheating With The Chicken, Poole Pulls A 180, The Twine Returns, The Secret Is Stupidly Revealed, Unfulfilling Heart To Hearts, Grand Theft Avian, The Magic’s In The Mystery Now I Guess, Pete & Cleat, The DCOMedy 2021 Bane-Off, The Chicken’s Secret Stuff

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