Episode 56: Dopey Bones Down

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Welcome friends of villainy! This month, the time has finally come for us dive deep into one of Disney Channel’s most recent hit franchises with Descendants. We are heading to the greatest country in the world, the United States of Auradon, to meet the various children of classic Disney heroes and villains. Can they get along? Will the bad blood between their parents define their future? Will a flowering love overcome all the hatred? Honestly, none of that is super important. We all know the talk of the town is the villain kid’s incredible outfits and choreography. I suppose sometimes it’s good to be bad…

Emma loses her mind at a mascot and truly loves Dove. Luke wants Mevie to happen and hates Doug.

Talking Points: More on Spin, Playing With That IP, The Belle Impostor, Behind Those Bestial Eyes, Thriving At Being Over the Top, Insane Lore, A Misunderstanding of Monarchies, Fairy Tale Pilot Program, The Crazy Choice of Cruella, The Cheap Crown, RIP CAMERON BOYCE, A Town of Bicycles, Jaws + Circus = Evil Island, They Did Jafar So Bad, Disney Villain Wine Mom, Magic Staring Contest, A Hot Aaron Stone Reference, A Very Sudden Heist, The Superfluous Vaudeville Song, What Is Up With Jane?, The Definitely Interesting Sport: Tourney, A New Demi Rises, Reading the Room, Disney Created Ben, The Malchelorette, Love on the Isle, Soooo Shirtless, Shout Out To Foreigner, The Continuing Battle for Wheelchair User Representation, It All Falls Apart?, Coronation Looks, A Very Convenient Twist, Everyone Is Bad at Being Frozen, Are You Really Best Friends?

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