Episode 57: Off The Same Page

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Hey there bubbly boys, gaseous girls, and those intergalactic inbetweeners; are you ready to get weird??? Not in like a super fun way or anything, sorry if that was misleading. I just meant that we are watching Stepsister From Planet Weird this month and you need to be prepared. Not for anything to do with the aliens though, honestly that’s kind of not a big deal here. Really you just need to be ready for this film’s wild cultural references and strange sense of humor, coupled with the kind of whiplash only a DCOM can provide as it wildly flips from one tone to another.

Emma gets way too deep and can’t stop laughing. Luke bungles the intro and says no to the dress.

Talking Points: The End of the Zombies Saga, Dessert DCOMs?, A Strong Wind Surfing Component, The Crimes of Cosmo Cola, The Enigma of Cutter, A Surprisingly Deep Character Arc, The Last Gasp of the 1990s, Insane Architecture, Megan: The Only Sensible Person on Earth, Kathy Is Not Okay, What’s With the Potato Chips, Hats on Hats on Hats, Cutaway Gags, Cosmo Goes Too Hard, Bad at Being Human, Full CGI Nightmares, OUR QUEEN SERENA SOO, Speed of Light Engagement, The Immense (If Uninteresting) Power of Being Hot, We Needed More Mikey, A Major Cosmetics Representative?, The Most Convoluted Plan, Disney Channel Deep Cut, It Feels Like There Are Missing Scenes, Real World Parallels, Better Call Fred, The Realities of Zircalon Relations, Random Seltzer, Every Child Loves Sanford and Son, Hitting the Gaslight Pedal, This Is The World Megan Lives In, Intergalactic Accents, Monster Moments, Brought to You By Altoids, A Planet-saving Speech About Potato Chips, Reception Romance, The Lying Will Continue

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