Episode 58: It's Quints.

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Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello! In many ways, this episode is quite different from what I’m sure anyone could have expected. Not only is it not about the movie we originally announced for this month, but we found ourselves doing a far more in-depth analysis of a movie’s emotion and themes than we usually do for a DCOM. To our credit, however, this is seemingly simple story about a bunch of babies changing peoples lives has more to it than you would think. It’s about things like art, family, and passion…but definitely still has plenty of jokes about babies pooping and peeing a lot so don’t worry yourself.

Lucas doesn’t understand babies and gets possessed. Emma changes her mind about meatloaf and hates unreliable narration.

Austin dives deep into the each layer the film hides.

Talking Points: KJB Kills It Every Time, A Litany of Weird Bits, The Time of Octomom, Don Knotts in the Mix, The Dark Realities of These Parents, The World According to Jamie, Big Meme Energy, What’s Going On With Brad?, Lying For No Reason, MR. B: PREDATOR, Genuine Emotion, Disney Channel Sex Talk, Dancing On the Lip of The Volcano, I Didn’t Know It Was Quints, Lollipop Cigars, Infant Vibes, The Grover Opioid Crisis, The Nightmare of Making Quints, Fiona Doubtfire, The Madness of Cake and Lasagna, Jackal Johnson Is Ripped, Stealing Rainbow Brite’s Style, Saw Puzzles For Poor Parents, Jamie Demeans The Audience, A Discussion about Don Knotts Sexual History, Running While Crying, Brad: The Lost Menendez, Adam Saves The Family, Albert Is Fired For Doing His Job, Literally Pointless Bikers, Yet Another Creep Is In Power, Did This Movie Even Really Happen?, Get It Together Charlie

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