Episode 59: The Off-limits Barn

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Happy Halloween Everybody!! Are you ready to get spook….wait, what? It’s not Halloween? Oh good. I knew we had to take a little break from our podcast duties which pushed this episode back, but it didn’t feel like it had been that long. Well it’s not a big deal anyway. While Invisible Sister has many of the trappings of a good ole’ Halloween DCOM, it’s not really that big a part of it. It’s more about two sisters learning more about one another through costumes, lacrosse, and (most importantly) science!

Emma shames her brother’s knowledge base and can’t get a name right. Lucas lets guests into his mind palace and does a lot of white-knighting.

Talking Points: Science In Halloween’s Clothing, Ace-liens, Excessive Platitudes, Why CGI?, Genius/Goth, Correctly Aged Cast, The Problems With Perkins, FRO-YO, The Big Easy, Why Is George Here?, Meatballs???, Ingesting Insects for Invisibility (Brought to You By Ginger Fizz), Inconsistent Invisibility, The Fool-Proof Disguise, Spirit Circle, Boy’s Bathrooms, Lacrosse Time, Full-On Cheating, Time For a Ticking Clock, High School Labs: The Most High-tech Environment Possible, The Moth Catching Side-quest, A More Complex and Emotional Conflict, Halloween Rears Its Head, Let’s Romp the Swamp, Apologies to Nawlins, The Honeypot, Molly Makes a Weird Call, Perkins’ Finger Guns, Slow-mo Fro-yo, and Slam Narration

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