Episode 60: The Wild World of 1980s California

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Sorry about the delay of game! Luckily, the DCOMedy Crew, along with new guest Spencer, are finally ready to take it to the hoop and talk about what might just be the greatest achievement in basketball cinema ever: Double Teamed. Join us as we journey to the strange and fantastical alternate reality of 1985 California, where rules don’t matter and girl’s basketball is the height of athletic entertainment. There we can all bear witness to the meteoric rise of two "identical" twins as they dominate the sport with their unique strategies and skills out on the court. Well okay, it’s mostly their height. Really it’s all about their height.

Luke easily loses track of the twins and dives deep into a family’s secrets. Emma breaks out a killer impression and awakens her inner teenage girl.

Spencer spills the secrets on being a twin.

Talking Points: Making Two Distinct Adults Look Like Thirteen-Year-Old Twins, A Title Moratorium, The Basketballing Is Both Good and Bad, A DCOM Period Piece, Larry and Mary: Two Sides of the Same Coin, The Greatest Skill of All: Height, Shady College Man/Personification of Fate, Everything Is Different Now For Some Reason, Hollow Farewells, Look At Those Freaks!, Drama Club Cliches, The Subtle But Amazing Coach, QUEEN NICKY, No Time For More Takes, A Lack of Dribbling, The Enigma Of Galen, The Missing Burge, Nicky’s Tenacity, Twin Telepathy, The Most Important Scrimmage In The World, Confidential Arts and Crafts, School District Negotiations, Infected Wounds, A Clunky But Compelling Family Argument, All The Neighbors Hate These Girls, Yachts And Fever Dreams, The Stupidest Loss, Ball Is Life, The Villain Redemption We Deserved, Chekov’s H, The Intense Other Basketball Coach, Money Shots And A Hot Hand, The Most Brutal Injury, The Perfect Counter-Strategy, The Longest Seven Seconds In Basketball

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