Episode 61: My Close Personal Friend Protozoa

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Wow. Five whole years of our nonsense, can you believe it? Honestly it’s been so long that if feels like even more. It kind of feels more like we’re in the future…again! That’s right, we are heading back to the far-off future of the 21st Century to catch up with our favorite space station superheroine Zenon in her very own Zequel. Come and celebrate with us as we work to focus on the good parts of movie that could use a lot more of them. Honestly, you guys are lucky we didn’t decide to just start watching another movie in the middle of this episode. Luckily, our one and only king Protozoa is here in full force to make us forget our troubles every single time he shows up on screen.

Emma doesn’t understand orbit and falls down an accent hole. Lucas feels the zum in his heart and questions all of his sister’s references.

Talking Points: Zenon Makes Everything Better, The Margie Problem, Power Rangers/Star Wars Plagiarism, All The Recastings, New Slang/New Fits, Goodbye Greg, More Like NO-rion, The Military Is Here Now, Captain Zeo-non, Make Pancaked Happen, Reused Sets, Montage Mistakes, Everyone Hates Zenon Now, DON’T ASK HOW; IT JUST DID, The Most Nonsensical Plan, Why Is Margie There???, All The CGI Is Bad, Thank God Judy Is Still Here, A Truly Insane Investigation, The Meta Narrative of The Zilogy, Everything Happens Via Zap-pad, The Jungle Slog, Protozoa Steals The Show, Button Mashing Saves The Day, Space Expert Surprises, The Stupidest Way to Blow This Plan, The Margie Redemption, The New Zealand Space Cops, The Juditive (The Fugitive But Starring Aunt Judy), The Aliens Are In Danger Now, The Zessiah, The ATV Flying V, Astrid Kar Is Important Now I Guess, All The Problems At Once, The Stepsister From Planet Weird and Zenon Crossover We’ve All Been Asking For, Put Protozoa Everywhere, The Wedding of the Century

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