Episode 9: Emma Wrote This Movie

DCOMedy Podcast published on

Much to the dismay of one of our hosts, our look back on Get a Clue is finally here! Come along on a film seemingly written by pulling ideas out of a hat, where children are allowed to participate in a possible murder investigation and have both ridiculous technology and even more ridiculous outfits that make it seem like a rejected crossover between Clueless and The Matrix.

Emma has a fashion overload and gets mad at her fake superhero boyfriend. Luke reveals he has seen no movies and insults Queen LiLo.

Talking Points: Feminism Lite, Raven is Home, Spy Sister, Unrealistic Wealth Obviously Named Characters, Journalistic Sexism, An Actually Good Dad, Our Heroes Commit Multiple Crimes, NAVY, Everything is On the Internet, Someone Uses a Pager, Why Is He Trusting A Child?, Awkward Dance Excuses, Infinite Money, The Red Herring Convention of 2002, Why Is He So Afraid of Children?, Who Called the Police?, You Had One Job!

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