DEEP MEDICINE: Sound Mind & Optimized Body
Episode 3

Deep Psychological Wellness with Paul Sunseri, Psy.D., Founder of IIFT- The Key to a Successful Life & Acheiving Happiness

Janette Jones published on

Paul Sunseri is the rock for the individual and the family in his community. He holds the key and opens us to the road of happiness! Our mind is safe with Dr. Paul.

Paul is a 35 year master clinical psychologist who addresses the full spectrum of mental health issues. With a strong heart and mind, he walks his patients from critical to healed thought. In this entruiging, enlivening and heartwarming podcast you'll gain an insiders view to Paul's wisdoms, distilled into the best practices in mental health.

Learn what is at the heart of the matter and what's in the way of meaningful relationships. At the pinnacle of Pauls practice, he has developed a team of therapist to support families within their own homes called IIFT (Intensive In-Home Family Therapy). IIFT can produce transformational results by addressing families in a high conflict state, at the center, within their own homes. He utilizes leading edge technologies to observe, pinpoint and resolve issues for the family with the right services at the right time.

Gain deep insight into the life of teen's today. Learn what compasion for self and others feels like again. As Dr. Paul speaks, we are reminded of our own role within the lives of our families and communities.


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